Photos & Videos

The following video shows my level of Japanese.

It is rare to have a video of conference interpreting, or interpreting where you have signed an NDA. You can see some of my interpreting in the following videos.

This video is at SXSW music festival, where Japanese punk band "ketchup mania" was interviewed. There are 2 parts.

Here is an example of convention interpreting. On this job the Japanese company was gathering information on security products. I have worked with this company for 3 conventions.

The following video is from an NHK news broadcast where portions of our company negotiating with a Japanese record label are reported on.

The following video is part of a Daily series I host on teaching Japanese.

Photos are hard to come by when interpreting, but here are a few:
Gontaro Kitazumi - CEO of Link Evolution Corporation, Japan
(clients for over 5 years)
Ikkoku-do - Famous Japanese Ventriloquist
Ronn Lucas - Famous American Ventriloquist / Comedian meets Ikkoku-do
NHK producers of Ikkoku-do show, Scorch, Ronn Lucas
Strangest Job Ever - Translated for a Channeler who channeled for a spirit called Ashtar