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Japanese Interpreting
I lived in Japan for 9 years.  In Japan I learned how to speak Japanese and continued speaking Japanese as a Japanese tour guide for 5 years in Las Vegas when I returned to the United States.  I have been interpreting since I was 17 years old.

Clients I have interpreted for independently

Client Name Venue / Relation
Link Evolution Corporation Wireless technology
Website Development
Phone conferences
Business meetings
IrDA board meetings
IBM Customer Relationship Management, Database Mining
Lucent Technologies Customer Relationship Management, Call Center
Okaya Systemware Infrared technology
CeBIT, Germany
Computex, Taiwan
Taipei Electronics Shoe, Taiwan
Phone conferences
Business meetings
Infrared Data Association Infrared technology
General board meetings
Official interpreter for IrDA
Hiro Corporation Import / Export
Kagimatsu Protek Import / Export
NHK Network special filming
Be3 Networks Ventriloquist convention
Tokyo Disneyland Campus Area Networks (Interop)
T-shirts and apparel (MAGIC)
Suzuki Pet Shop National Pet Show
Seiwa Corporation Kobe International Gift Show
Groovers, Inc. National Association of Broadcasters
Ichijou Housing National Home Builder Show
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