The following history is not related to interpreting, but instead is related to the companies I run. I typically book between 60-120 days a year of interpreting depending on the year.

2012 - Authored and released new book "Katakana From Zero!"

2011 - Authored and released new book "Hiragana From Zero!"

2009 - Began operating new website focusing on Japanese girl band tour merchandise imported from Japan. (HelloStoreUSA.com)

2008 - Contracted with multiple artists to released first in "Fresh Cuts from Japan" music CD series. (available on JapanFiles)

2008 - Released updated versions of "Japanese From Zero!" book series. (available at Amazon)

2007 - Developed custom line of Japanese t-shirts for YesJapan corporation.

2006 - Released first perfect bound edition of co-authored "Japanese From Zero!" books 1, 2 and 3. (available at Amazon)

2005 - Began production on Japanese Topics Mania Show Online Japanese video podcast for YesJapan.com.

2005 - YesJapan.com has first booth in Anime related convention Anime Expo.

2005 - Released Best of YesJapan Shows DVD Volume 1.

2004 - Opened MP3 music store JapanFiles.com to sell Japanese independent music artists music.

2003 - Merged GeorgeAndKeiko.com with YesJapan.com.

2002 - Opened subscription based service GeorgeAndKeiko.com.

2002 - Began production of George and Keiko Online Japanese Topics Show weekly video show.

1999 - Opened subscription based services YesJapan.com to teach Japanese online.

1998 - Began adapting Japanese From Zero! book series to an online course format.

1997 - Began developing Japanese text book series "Japanese From Zero!"

1997 - Began teaching Japanese with newly formed company Trombley Takenaka International.

1994 - Moved back to the United States and began tour guide job for Japanese tourists.

1990 - Operated import / export business while in Japan.

1989 - Began freelance interpreting for small import / export company.

1985 - Moved to Japan at age 12.